Fully integrated with Zoom. Comes with a free landing page, listings, global payments, auto-emailing and more.
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Smol Coach has everything you need to start live, paid coaching and consulting sessions online. Bookings, payments, client database and more!

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This is a new world. Lockdowns and changing realities mean that an increasing number of clients want to benefit from your expertise online. Group sessions, or individual classes, Smol Coach helps you set up and deliver it all. 

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How Smol Coach works

Set up your first paid class in under 1 minute

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Zoom + Smol Coach

Link your Zoom account to Smol Coach. This way we'll create all your 1-1, group and recurring sessions as Zoom meetings automatically.

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Free Landing Page 

When you create a session on Smol Coach, we'll automatically list it on a free landing page that we create for you. Share just one link with clients on email to help them discover all your sessions!

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Easy Booking

Clients click and book from your landing page -  easy as that. We support global payments from over 170 countries. Oh, and the money comes directly to your bank account.

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Automated Emails

We'll automatically send booking confirmations, meeting join links, and calendar invites to your clients. Oh, and you can set additional reminders too.

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Start in 1 click

View your daily schedule on Smol Coach, and start your sessions from a single dashboard with one click.

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Instant Feedback

After your session, we help you automatically send and receive feedback! Plus, store all client data in one place so you can access it anytime

The Smol Coach Advantage

Built for coaches like you

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Your focus

Why spend your time juggling texts and emails and spreadsheets? Smol Coach delivers peace of mind so you can focus on your craft.

✔️Quick set-up booking pages

✔️Automated invites, emails, reminders

✔️Direct payment into bank account

✔️Integration with Zoom

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Your identity

Edit and customize your landing page, as well as your emails to clients. Have a website already? Embed your sessions there. We care about putting you front and center.

✔️Customize landing page

✔️Edit emails to clients

✔️Embed sessions

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Your growth

Gain the insights you need to grow—use our powerful dashboard to manage sessions, track payments, bookings, clients and more. 

Plus, Smol Coach has a simple, flat per month pricing so you never have to worry about commissions or overcharging.

✔️Admin dashboards

✔️Team calendar and booking status

✔️Invoices and earnings statements

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Your clients

Make it easy for clients to book with you. Nurture and track their progress easily, and never forget a client!

✔️Client database

✔️1-1/ group sessions, waitlists

✔️Reschedule, refund in 1 click

✔️Disclaimers, waivers during checkout

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The opportunity is waiting

Use Smol Coach to start and grow your online sessions now.  

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